Environmental Health Canada is a volunteer-driven charity that focuses on assisting individuals with environmental sensitivities/Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). Our organization offers a range of support services, including:

Support Services

We provide telephone, online, and in-person assistance, helping individuals find MCS-aware health professionals, obtain diagnoses, identify and mitigate environmental triggers, navigate family and legal matters, secure workplace accommodations, and more.

Education and Awareness

We also conduct workshops, webinars, and online meetings, and utilize websites, social media, and newsletters to educate both sufferers and the general public about MCS.

Community Engagement

Environmental Health Canada supports meetings and engages in activities to reduce the isolation often experienced by those with MCS.

Public Outreach

Through various channels like workshops, conferences, and media, our group raises MCS awareness among the general public.

Workplace Support

EHC aids employers in creating accommodating environments for MCS sufferers by promoting scent-free policies and providing educational resources.


The organization advocates for MCS recognition, awareness, and support at all government levels, aiming to improve healthcare access, reduce stigma, and address isolation and exclusion faced by MCS sufferers.

Healthcare Professional Education

We provide MCS information to Quebec’s healthcare professionals to improve care and offer resources for managing MCS.

Collaboration with Experts

EHC works with physicians, researchers, and scientists to stay informed about the latest MCS treatments and management strategies, striving to minimize the health impacts of pollution.